Business Litigation


We assist businesses of all sizes navigate commerical disputes. Whether the case involves allegations of breach of contract, negligence, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, or consumer protection violations, we very likely have handled it. Often we can help clients accomplish a favorable resolution without resort to litigation, but when it becomes necessary to initiate or defend against a lawsuit, we bring to bear a set of litigation skills that are proactive, focused, and effective. In addition, we have an impressive track record of achieving victories well before trial through effective motion practice, saving the client substantial time and money in such cases.


Examples of our business litigation successes include:


  • In Business Litigation Session of Massachusetts Superior Court, achieved full dismissal of breach of fidiciary duty, trade secret, and all other claims brought against departed senior executives of biotech company.

  • Prevailed on summary judgment and on appeal for Massachusetts metals corporation in litigation with estate of 50% shareholder over control of business.

  • Represented major cement supplier in dismissal of two multimillion-dollar product liability claims that incorrectly asserted client’s responsibility for product contamination.

  • Reached no-liability resolution for supplier in dispute involving high-profile Amtrak project.

  • On behalf of homeowner, won Chapter 93A, breach of contract and misrepresentation verdicts in Massachusetts Superior Court jury trial against homebuilder.

  • In bankruptcy litigation alleging directors’ breaches of fiduciary duty, reached resolution on behalf of those directors that involved no financial contribution by them to multi-party settlement.